Tim Goudge

Hello and welcome!

I am a postdoctoral fellow in the Jackson School of Geosciences at The University of Texas at Austin working with David Mohrig, as well as collaborating with Joe Levy and Wonsuck Kim. My scientific interests center on aqueous surface processes, both chemical and mechanical, and how these alter planetary surfaces and are recorded in the sedimentary rock record. My research primarily focuses on the use of remote sensing data to study ancient sedimentary deposits on Mars. The goal of this work is to help characterize the early martian surface environment, and how it evolved through time. I am also interested in understanding how physical processes of sediment transport, deposition, and accumulation may have differed on Mars compared with Earth due to distinct boundary conditions. This work involves a combination of techniques including numerical modeling, laboratory experiments, and field-based studies of terrestrial analogs.

I also have a longstanding interest in public outreach, and always enjoy the opportunity to talk to people about planetary science. Apart from science, my hobbies range from hockey (playing and avid Leafs fan), to Lord of the Rings, to surfing, to brewing (as well as drinking) beer.

Photo of Tim GoudgeContact information:

The University of Texas at Austin
Jackson School of Geosciences
2275 Speedway, Stop C9000
Austin, TX 78712-1722
Telephone: +1 (512) 232-5762

Email: tgoudge <at> jsg <dot> utexas <dot> edu
Office: EPS Building, Room 1.116

Timothy A. Goudge | Postdoctoral Fellow | Jackson School of Geosciences
Please feel free to email me at: tgoudge <at> jsg <dot> utexas <dot> edu
Last updated: 2/8/2016