Tim Goudge

Below are a variety of images that I have taken during my travels and in the field. While I’m not the world's best photographer, some of the photos are of pretty neat places, which makes up for it! Enjoy!

Lake Duborne

Lake Duborne, Blind River, Ontario (Photo Credit: L. Cheek; click for higher resolution image)

Cedar Mountain Formation

Cedar Mountain Formation, Utah

Morrison Formation Dunes

Fluvial Dune Strata, Morrison Formation, Utah

Book Cliffs

Book Cliffs, Utah

San Rafael Swell

Looking Back at San Rafael Swell, Utah

Old Woman Bay

Old Woman Bay, Lake Superior, Ontario (click for higher resolution image)

Black Bay

View of Black Bay, Lake Superior from Sibley Peninsula, Ontario (click for higher resolution image)

Sleeping Giant

Sleeping Giant on Sibley Peninsula, Ontario

Aguasabon Falls

Aguasabon Falls near Terrace Bay, Ontario

Agawa Bay

Agawa Bay, Lake Superior, Ontario

Shovel Point

View of Shovel Point from Palisade Head, Minnesota


Northern Calcareous Alps near Riezlern, Austria


Tilted turbidite sequence (flysch unit), Germany


Steinheim Crater central peak, Germany


Tufa in Mono Lake, California

Mono Lake

Mono Lake, California


Solar Eclipse on 5/20/2012

Cape Farewell

Cape Farewell, New Zealand


Pancake Rocks (limestone), Punakaiki, New Zealand

Ice Skylight

Skylight in Franz Josef Glacier, New Zealand

Franz Josef Glacier

Franz Josef Glacier, New Zealand

Hike near Lake Wanaka

Lake Wanaka, New Zealand

Hooker Glacier

Hooker Glacier, New Zealand

Lake Tekapo

Lake Tekapo, New Zealand

Bay of Fires

Bay of Fires, Tasmania, Australia

Wineglass Bay

Wineglass Bay, Tasmania, Australia


Sunset over the Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia

Fraser Island

Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia


Shipwreck on Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia

West Beach

West Beach, Esperance, Western Australia, Australia

London Arch

London Arch, Victoria, Australia

Twelve Apostles

The Twelve Apostles (limestone stacks), Victoria, Australia

Cliff at Anglesea

Sandstone cliff near Anglesea, Victoria, Australia

Mt. Abrupt

Mt. Abrupt, Grampians National Park, Victoria, Australia


Tallows Beach, Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia

Perry Sand Hills

Perry Sand Hills, New South Wales, Australia

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